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First things first in coaching: asking some questions

How good is the fit between who you are and what you do?
What do you want to change professionally?
What issues do you face that you want to find a solution for?
What is holding you back to become the best collaborator you can be?

Finding answers to these questions (and maybe some others) is the goal of the coaching process.

Coaching is mostly applied on the individual level in a one-to-one setting, still it can as well support groups (as long as they are not too large) in their efforts towards better collaboration.

We use coaching as an intervention for organisational development, therefore concentrating on making you more effective in your professional role. That’s a bit different to career, transition, or even life coaching, though these areas might be touched along the way.

No coaching is the same: it varies with the situation your in, the issue you want to deal with, and for sure the coach you engage. And it’s not only the sessions with your coach. It’s trying out new things in your every day work and reviewing them, it’s reflecting on certain questions on your own and then having your answers discussed. Coaching will take you out of comfort zone, on purpose. But in a supporting way, so that you don’t feel lost.

A little reminder: all of the world’s #1 athletes have their coaches. These coaches are not the better athletes. But they bring special qualities to the improvement process of their coachee:

  • the ability to closely observe
  • the courage to give clear feedback
  • the skill to define deliberate practice
  • the dedication to success

There’s always room for improvement …
Let’s explore yours!

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