… the way to get things done – together

Collaboration – as we promote it – is the purpose-based win-win process of a group to find a creative solution to an issue that cannot be resolved by one person alone.

As brainy as this definition may sound, it has a wide range of practical applications:

  • Forming and scaling a start-up
  • Developing and rolling out of a new product, service, process
  • Coordinating the tasks of a distributed team
  • Dealing with a crisis by installing a task force
  • Formulating and implementing a new business strategy or change initiative
  • Transforming a company into its next life-cycle phase, by itself, by merger, by spin-off

For sure you have experienced this for yourself: Not everyone working on the same issue at the same time in the same place is necessarily collaborating. Like in the classical production line. Or people sitting in a call-center. Or people even working against each other pursuing their own conflicting interests.
Though the latter could even be turned into a real collaboration …

In fact, there are even more challenges for people working together: being in different places, even in different time zones, being dispersed along dimensions like age, gender, ethnicity, profession.
You know it, you name it.

The good thing is that our “Collaboration Circle” directly and effectively addresses the important points to lay the groundwork of succeeding together.

What is the issue that you can’t resolve on your own?
What are the challenges you have to deal with?

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