… the raw material forĀ a bigger picture

People form groups to get things done. In many cases the individual is not capable enough for bringing an idea into life and therefore needs a team to accomplish the purpose. Groups establish leadership, develop a culture and become organisations.

And if they are successful in their collaboration they strive, grow and mature.

Along this course, all too often people, leadership, culture, and organisations are treated as separate entities, as isolated dots, attempting to simplify complexity in the favour of mechanistic recipes of cause and effect. But the effects can be rather detrimental: people get de-motivated by their managers or by useless policies, cultures become toxic, organisations divide themselves by internal fights. And the original purpose, the very reason of existence, is forgotten, thus making the organisation irrelevant in the end.

No wonder organisations try to re-invent themselves, wishing back the days of starting up …

It’s necessary to make the inherent links between people, leadership, culture, and organisation visible and functional again, by connecting the dots!

What are your dots that need to be connected again?

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