five leadership tasks

radical leadership — the basics

The five core tasks every leader needs to practice. Since they can be considered as the root of leadership, hence the term radical. Beyond any specific environment, culture, industry, or profession.

  • Organising Collaboration
    Because the very reason for any organisation is that some jobs can only be done by many people working together.
  • Reducing Transaction Cost
    If the job has to be repeatedly done by an organisation, it’s better to not rely on market mechanisms, but on permanent relationships.
  • Managing Conflict
    To no get stalled by dilemmas or contradictions along doing the job, there is the need for facilitating the decision making process.
  • Securing Future Development
    No living system can survive without adaption to whatever is encountered along the way. You need resilience, if not even anti-fragility.
  • Leading People
    Find the right staff, offer them a good and fair salary, challenge them, trust them, talk to each other frequently, and get out of the way.

Concept described by distinguished German leadership consultant Reinhard K.Sprenger in his book “Radical Leadership“.

A fresh perspective on what leadership is about. Beyond the usual discussion of personality traits, behaviours, styles, hierarchies. Including the fact that leadership can have as well an institutional form, like rules, policies, systems, which often have a bigger influence than the most visionary of leadership personalities.

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